Terry Wittkopp 5th Dan

Terry Wittkopp 5th Dan has been involved in Karate and other martial arts for over 29 yrs. It is with his experience and forward thinking TSKR is able to maintain the best standards in karate with its students and Instructors. Having trained with some of the most senior and orthodox karate-ka in the world, he has solid experience and grades to share. His Karate lineage can be traced back to the masters and he continues to teach Kanazawa Shotokan Ryu taught to him by John Van Weenen 8th Dan and Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th Dan himself. 

His training and learning continues with passion with some of the best senior karate instructors in the world. During the 29yrs training has been with Japan Karate Association seniors such as Uechi, Osaka, Ohta, Naka to name a few and with SKIF Shotokan Karate International Federation Instructors Kanazawa Kancho 10th Dan, Kanazawa Soke 7th Dan, Ogashi 6th Dan, Kanazawa Fumitomi, Kanazawa Diazo and the English senior SKIF Instructors. JKS Instructors Nagaki 5th Dan, JKR Chief instructor Simon Oliver 7th Dan, Other styles studied and interests are Kickboxing, Wing Chung, Jujitsu, Kobudo, Mua Thai, Judo. 

He is also the Director of The Studio Martial Arts & Fitness Centre, NR19 1SX, Terry also has oqualifications & experience for working with children & young people from youth work to children in care of all types of behavioural spectrums. This is valuable experience that is past onto Instructors and members of TSKR to make karate accessible to everyone.

TSKR Yudansha Kai

Godan 5th Dan
Terry Wittkopp
Sandan 3rd Dan
Bill Wittkopp Level 3 Coach
Darren Webster Level 3 Coach
Nidan 2nd Dan
Amos Brierley Level 3 Coach
Iain Paterson
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TSKR Welfare Officer
Kerry Anderson


12 Charles Wood Road
Rashes Green Industrial Est
Dereham NR19 1SX

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TSKR supports students who are using Karate to gain awards in GCSE Karate and The Duke of Edinburgh Awards and does not have official recognition from the Dept of Education or HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.