TSKR Syllabus

You can grade after 10 lessons for first grade only. Your first belt is Blue Belt. Grading must be taken at the official grading in front of a recognised official TSKR Examiner.
Please check the calendar for Association Training and Grading Dates.
Please make sure you have attended enough lessons to be eligible to grade.

4th & 5th Dan Syllabus available from TSKR

  • Blue Belt 10th Kyu

  • Red Belt 9th Kyu

  • Orange Belt 8th Kyu

  • Yellow Belt 7th Kyu

  • Green Belt 6th Kyu

  • Purple Belt 5th Kyu

  • Purple/White Belt 4th Kyu

  • Brown Belt 3rd Kyu

  • Brown/White Belt 2nd Kyu

  • Brown/Red Belt 1st Kyu

  • Shodan 1st Black Belt

  • Nidan 2nd Black Belt

  • Sandan 3rd Black Belt

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    Yondan 4th Black Belt

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    Godan 5th Black Belt


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TSKR supports students who are using Karate to gain awards in GCSE Karate and The Duke of Edinburgh Awards and does not have official recognition from the Dept of Education or HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.